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Fight the Time Limit with a Speedy Essay

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If you are a person who cannot get started on writing unless you have checked all the social media, drank a cup of coffee and had a bath, exams with time limits might present a little bit of a problem for you. Composing a brilliant essay with minimum amount of preparation and reflection is a challenge that often occurs in college. Here are some ways to avoid running late and compose a decent piece in no time.

Do Not Skip Preparations

You might be pressured to start the moment the bell rings, but the smart way is to pause for a beat before diving into the actual writing. Think about the rough idea you want to refine in your composition, about the details you do not want to miss out and compose a quick outline with the key words that represent the ideas that each paragraph will hold in your essay. It will be immensely easier to work having a plan in mind instead of diving into the sea with no clue where to swim next. In such way you will not spend extra time rewriting and trying to make sense of your illogical or scattered composition.

A Structure That Leads

Try to compose the outline of a structure that will lead you from one argument to the next. If you are focusing on the life of Shakespeare, do not skip from one part of life to the next or his plays in scattered order. Follow a timeline and you will surely see how your essay flows gracefully and gives you hints where you should lead it next. If you cannot use a timeline in your essay, arrange your arguments in a way to make them fall from the most powerful to the least, or in any way you assume will be better.

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Little Helpers

Have in mind a list of words you can consult when you simply have no idea what to write next. These words will be your little helpers, as they will nudge you towards the right direction and add a cohesiveness to your essay. They include “because of that”, “this leads to”, “secondly”, “to summarize”, “similarly”, “on the other hand”.

Set a Timer

If you are not allowed to set a timer during the exam, practice this technique at home until you are a natural. Set the timer and divide the tasks you will do in each part. For example, seven minutes of preparing, three for the introduction and three for each paragraph. Whenever the timer beeps, you have to skip whatever you are doing and go to the next task. This way you will see how much time you need to write each part and you will plan accordingly, rearranging the timer or hurrying up the unnecessary writing.

Revise in the End

Keep in mind that in order to write you have to be devoid of all distractions, and that includes the mistakes of your own writing. Leave the whole essay for proofreading after you finished it, and you will see how much time you will save.

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