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Sherlock’s Method: How to Become a Sociopath


The image of Sherlock Holmes has always been attractive, especially now, after the famous British TV series has captured the attention of millions of people all over the world. Sherlock always says that he is a sociopath, but what does it mean to be one? Why do modern students consider this image to be cool? Let’s discover a Sherlock’s method that will help you to become a proper sociopath!

Less People

If you want to be a sociopath, you should befriend a person (but only one person!) who will make a great guinea pig for your sophisticated jokes.

He or she has to be less smart than you and, what is more important, be able to put up with you and your habits. As for all the other people, you are to show them you are more intelligent, and better in any way. Be straightforward and always tell what you think of people, demonstrate your knowledge to your classmates or groupmates, supported by some facts, dates, theories and statistics. They need to understand: you are not the one to hang out with, you prefer solitude to loud companies, the sacred space of your room to noisy bars and student parties at somebody’s place. You are exceptional and thus inaccessible to mere mortals. Your only and true friend can create a page in Facebook, a blog or even start writing a book about your adventures… or just about you.

More Deduction

Deduction is the main Sherlock’s weapon. You may practice on people that you have to spend time with every day, for example, your fellow students. Look over them with an appraising eye and express all your thoughts concerning the person. Everyone has to realize you are impudent and there’s nothing that can be hidden from you. Estimate black circles under your groupmate’s eyes and tell how much time he slept the last night or how much beer he drank at yesterday’s party. Say obvious things, but pretend you are very smart while saying them. For example, you may say that your classmate should study harder, if she gets only C’s for her homework or something like that.

No Love

Any romantic relationships are not for you, since you are too good for it! If you hear somebody talking about that pretty sophomore girl, who studies biology, you’d better stay cold and serious and even make some sarcastic (and maybe even sexist) remark, so everyone will understand your strong position. Do you remember how Sherlock treated Molly? You should do the same with other girls or boys, even if they are as charming as Irene Adler.

Break the Rules

Finally, be brave to break the rules of order and do things that may seem wrong for other people, like invade their personal space and tell the things nobody wants to hear. Remember that you don’t have your own emotions; you can only copy the others, that is why you won’t regret saying the most popular girl at school that her new dress doesn’t match her shoes.

Revealing Little-Known Facts About Sherlock and His Creator

Magnifier Glass

Sherlock Holmes, a worldwide famous though an imaginary detective, is claimed to be the most filmed human character from the world literature. Let us pay attention to the word “human” as it is really essential here. Among all possible fictional characters, Dracula is considered to be the most filmed one nowadays. However, as some say, unlike Dracula, Sherlock is actually fully human, so, from this particular point of view, the detective the sleuth deservedly bears the palm.

Now we are going to find out more surprising things about how Sherlock was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and why both the writer and his character will undoubtedly remain so popular with newer and newer generations.

Meet, Sherrinford Holmes

Yes, exactly! One of the best-known fictional characters could have been named Sherrington. However, the name of Doyle’s favorite cricketer was Sherlock, and Doyle himself was a fan of this game. Despite the fact that the real meaning of this name has actually nothing to do with “braininess” (the literal meaning is “person with fair hair”), until nowadays it is associated with a genius person with his or her little quirks.

Who Is Sherlock Holmes Actually?

Arthur Conan Doyle was very inspired by the detective stories of an American writer and literary critic, Edgar Alan Poe and his character, C. Auguste Dupin. However, Sherlock is not just a British version of his American “colleague”! It is said that phenomenal patience and ability to concentrate on details, which always help the Doyle’s detective understand who the person in front of him really is, were characteristic of a real person. That was a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh where Doyle studied. Dr. Joseph Bell could make the right diagnose simply by looking at his patients.

Doyle’s Sherlock Never Wears a Deerstalker!

Probably, you remember the episode from one the recent Sherlock series when he is turning a deerstalker in his hands wondering how to wear it. Well, it is alright for Sherlock, because he actually did not have to wear this kind of hat until Sidney Paget drew his famous illustrations which portrayed the sleuth wearing the deerstalker. This is where the whole thing started actually.

Sherlock Is a Member of the Real Royale Society of Chemistry!

The Royale Society of Chemistry is situated in London, the UK. Its establishment dates back to 1980, but, yes, Sherlock Holmes (yes, that very Sherlock Holmes, the detective, not any other man with the same name) is honored to be its real fellow.

Unfortunately, Sherlock Does Die

Sir Doyle did write a short story in which Sherlock had to die. The name of this story is “The Man Who Was Wanted”. What? You have never heard about it? In the note, which was discovered together with the story, the writer himself asked not to publish it. Well, it is impossible to imagine what could have happened if he had not mentioned this.

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