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An Essay on the Cultural Identity of Scotland

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Writing an essay on the traditions of another country is an interesting and captivating process. You have an opportunity to dive into a country's life simply by getting to know it closer. At the same time, the main process of writing can be very hard and tiring as much information needs to be mentioned in a proper way. That is why, we are ready to offer custom essays for all in need. Here is a free sample of an essay on Scotland that will surely ease your way in getting acquainted with such a beautiful country.

Writing an article on the national and cultural authenticity of the Scottish nation is a great opportunity to get to know closer your own country and learn to appreciate how much we have got from our own culture.

What Does Being Scottish Mean? Scottish National Identity

A passing-by pedestrian who has not yet been in the UK may tell you that the United Kingdom is basically all four countries - England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and all of them are bounded within one united country, hence, it is not completely true. The diversity exists, and it is even more evident now than ever before.

As we know from the classes of history, Scotland has fought for its independency since the early period. However, most of them were aimed at the national enhancement of life quality but not abolition from the term of "Britishness". Only in the 1840s the nationalism-tended movement has begun to spread, creating political organizations that were encouraging people to abolition from the UK.

So, what does "being Scottish" mean? We name people who share the common sense of national Scottish identity and define themselves as a part of the territory they live on. We name with this definition those, who refer themselves to the culture, customs and traditions of their ancestors and live in harmony with their cultural identification.

With their unique musical instruments and music in general, paintings, language, way of behaving and expressing their feelings, poem writings and just the way of life - Scots evaluate their nation as their belonging.

Just for the record: when in March 2015, people in Scotland to describe themselves as of Scottish or British nationality, 62% of them said they were more Scottish than British. In the last year, the result was about 58%. As we see, the national consciousness increases even more every time. The referendum on the issue of the country's independence was held in 2014 and with those 55.3% who voted against separation, the results have been evident on the rapid growth of the in-country movements.

Nevertheless, lots of them told that they are equally British and Scottish as live in the same country. We cannot say which land would be more prosperous: an independent Scotland or a land within the United Kingdom - but we can be sure that the people living there truly love their country.

How to Become a Scottish Stereotype


The following stereotypes are abstracts from media image of the land as well as some personal observations and are not intended to harm anyone's feelings. Just to make fun a bit.

  1. Scots are very common to have the last names starting with Mac or Mc, which means "the son of", which is rooted from the period of Scottish clans. Also, if you are Scottish, you are very likely to have the last name Brown or Smith which are widespread in the country.
  2. All Scottish people (especially women) have long red hair. If you are a red-haired independent woman on a horse with the bow - you are most probably to be Scottish.
  3. They always wear kilts and play bagpipes, no matter what the cause for it is.
  4. The land of sheep. They are literally everywhere. If you see a picture of a Highland with lots of sheep - you are in Scotland. This green tourist destination is the best place to feel the nature.
  5. Little pet Nessie is their main beast known in the rest of the world.
  6. No one can understand Scottish English. Sometimes even themselves.
  7. Highland Games is the favorite (and most likely only) kind of sports they do. Throwing a huge wooden stick will be the best entertainment ever, isn't it? Scots will tell you better.
  8. They would never refuse to eat haggis (savory pudding including sheep's pluck (heart, liver and lungs)) as every Scottish should love their national dish (also with porridge).
  9. They drink a lot. The water of life is, naturally, whiskey, but they also are the winners of beer drinking, the most famous Scottish brew is Tennents, mostly because it is the cheapest one.
  10. They are very passionate. Always, when it comes to fighting for Scotland's independency... or simply fighting with people.

Some of Grand Festivals

  1. "T in the Park" festival is considered to be one of the most prosperous annual festivals in the whole country. It usually lasts only three days but consists of over 90,000 people dancing, singing, playing comedies, cabaret and just having a great time.
  2. Royal National Mod takes place in autumn and is focused on the way of learning, teaching of the Gaelic language, literature, music, dance and culture. Scots do not forget their traditions and they show it every year at the Mod.
  3. Edinburgh International Festivalas the famous art festival has a long history of more than 50 years and is concentrated on the sense of art perception.

Those are just some of the main festivals of Scotland and of course, only a small part of their culture.

So, when you happen to ask a person who lives in Scotland, what nationality he or she is, you will most likely to hear "Scottish", but after having asked where they are from, you will hear "I am from the United Kingdom". Scottish people have a strong sense of national unity, and thanks to their retaining their traditions, we can observe all the beauty of their culture today.

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