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Sociological Topics for a Research Paper

In order to complete a good research paper in sociology, you should be familiar with some basic principles required for this type of writing and find a proper topic which must be disputable, interesting, researched enough for you to find relevant sources, but studied to the extent that will let you develop the fresh insights for it. Here you can find useful sociology writing guidelines and the ideas for your topic.

Points to Consider in Sociology Research Paper Writing

  • One of the basic things for sociological research in general is to use the sociological theories in order to understand the social issues which you study.
  • When you start writing and narrow your scope, there will be several basic concepts that you will need to use in your research. Thus, with the help of relevant literature you should make sure that you understand their meaning.
  • One of the most important tasks in sociological study is to question the assumptions. You should doubt all the opinions, stereotypes and do not let any prejudiced or biased opinions take place in your research paper.
  • Do not simplify your arguments. There is a common stereotype that an argument has two sides only, however, it is not true. Usually the issue reveals numerous facets and all of them must be considered.
  • Each of your argument must be evidence-based. Therefore, you should learn about the components of proper evidence. Among them there are examples, empirical data and sociological theories.

Sociological Topics for Research Paper

  • Prejudice in social psychology.
  • Prejudice as one of the discrimination factors.
  • Psychological and social grounds of prejudicing.
  • Discrimination on the racial basis.
  • Discriminating overweight people.
  • Conflict on the racial and ethnic grounds.
  • Ways to reduce discrimination and prejudicing.
  • Universal rights of humans.
  • Foreign policy of human rights.
  • Humanitarian law.
  • Linkages between anthropology and sociology.
  • How are the sociological and anthropological sciences connected?
  • The issues of drug testing.
  • Drug testing on students.
  • Drug testing in the workplace.
  • Workplace alcohol testing.
  • Protecting gay rights.
  • Gay rights defense communities.
  • Laws regulating sexual orientation.
  • Stereotyping about same-sex marriages.
  • What are the challenges of being a parent of teenager?
  • Religion in the teenage life.
  • The teenage social movements.
  • Freaks and geeks among modern teenagers.
  • The issues of teenage education.
  • Music as special language among teenagers.
  • The reasons which make technologies especially desired and popular among teenagers.
  • The problem of Internet abuse among teenagers.
  • Teenage runaways: reasons and results.
  • Homelessness among young people.
  • Ways to understand runaway youth and teenagers.
  • Risks that teenage parents can face.
  • Social worlds of teenagers and parents.
  • Special care of gifted children.
  • Adopting children with special needs.
  • The influence of television on children’s social behavior.
  • Television and role models for children.
  • Cross-cultural adoption experiences.
  • Should the foster parents tell the truth to their adopted children?
  • Educational television for children.
  • How to teach children with the help of television?

Helpful Hints on Working with Your Topic

 Sociology Students

If in the hustle and bustle of your work on the research paper in sociology as well as in any other academic disciplines you stop for a while to think why it all seems so stressful and difficult, you are likely to reveal one slightly painful but helpful truth. You see, the complexity of the research and the stress, which it may cause quite easily, depends not only on the fact that you lack necessary literature, data, tools or equipment to conduct this research. The most significant challenge is posed rather by the students’ unawareness of what they should actually do in order to complete the assignment successfully.

That is why before you start doing at least something, because your deadline is not the guy who can wait, you should better make out what exactly you are supposed to do when your task is a paper in sociology. The tips you will find down below cover various aspects of the thorough research and smart academic writing. They are grouped according to the sequence of stages which you should follow during your work on the chosen topic whatever it is. So, if you have a clear order of the actions you should take, you can save much of your precious time, to say nothing of your efforts and nerves.

Now take a deep breath, take your mouse in your hand or prepare two fingers and slowly scroll down this page to explore a few handy tips which will ease your work.

Stage 1: Preparation

  • Topic: make sure that you choose the topic you really want to study. You can see that sociology is interconnected with many other sciences. So, even if you are not very interested in sociology as it is, choose the issue which involves several fields of science.
  • Consultation (desirable): of course, it would be just great if you could discuss your topic and everything (or at least something) you need to do for the research with your instructor, professor or supervisor. Do not hesitate to ask them for advice.
  • Outline: make a list of questions you would like to answer in your paper or a list of statements you plan to prove or refute. It will help you set the direction for your whole working process.
  • Sources: search for the works of scientists who have already studied some aspects of your topic. Besides, these will be your references which your paper cannot go without anyway.
  • Materials for the research: you may need to conduct a little survey or analyse some statistical data.

Stage 2: Research

  • Researching process: this is when you start your research (survey) using the materials you have prepared.
  • Work with the received data and other information: after you finish, group your results and analyse them. You can also use the official statistics to compare your results and help yourself with the analysis.
  • Primary conclusions: basing on what you have got after conducting the research, make the conclusions, which you will use later to complete your paper with them.

Stage 3: Writing

  • Plan: as you start, you can draft the general plan improving it in the course of writing.
  • Writing process: follow your plan using the sources you have found along with the received results.

Stage 4: The Finishing Touch

So, a few final steps would concern:

  • referencing;
  • proofreading everything carefully:
  • printing(or sending).

Eternal Problems of Students

It is unbearable to live in a society and be completely free of it. So is it impossible to be a student and not to face such a problem as writing a sociological research paper. For many courses, Sociology is mandatory in the list of educational disciplines. And few students choose sociology for themselves as the main direction of their professional activity. They avoid writing papers on sociology, these papers become their nightmare.

For some reason it is believed that sociology is a rather unsteady and vague direction, which does not give the opportunity to develop and get a high-paid job in the future. However, sociology is gaining momentum. This realm is becoming more and more popular every day. There are so many reasons to study sociology and write papers on it, especially if you feel the inclination towards this science.

However, even if this subject provokes sharp antipathy from the very beginning and you instantly have a lot of sociological research questions, this does not give you the right to ignore your homework. Your professor will not understand or accept the explanation that you do not like the subject and that this is the reason why you did not write the paper.

You can parry that it is impossible to thoroughly study sociology. This is not an exact science, it constantly undergoes certain changes, is modified, updated, just as the society itself develops. However, like any other science, sociology is still based on certain principles. Otherwise it could not be called a full-fledged university subject and it would be impossible to write sociological research papers. You need to understand these fundamentals well. This will help you find and select good sociology research topics for your paper.

How to find a compromise between the impossibility of studying sociology thoroughly and the need to find a good sociology topic for research paper? Unlike the experience of previous generations, modern students have many ways to solve this problem. This concerns not only sociology. First of all, you can use the Internet. Information that was almost inaccessible before, is freely available now. It is enough just to formulate the correct search query on sociology, begin to study the issue you are interested in and write a good paper.

Virtually all literature on sociology you need is in electronic form. Very rare are cases when you cannot find the source you need on the Internet. However, even if this happened and you are perplexed looking at your research topic for sociology, without knowing how to find information for writing your paper, do not give up. Online book stores provide an opportunity to quickly buy the right sociology book without leaving your home. While your book is on the way, you can deal with other parts of your sociological research paper.

Steps to Writing a Successful Sociological Research Paper

I cannot state that there is a specific algorithm for creating a good sociology research paper. Despite the abundance of instructions and recommendations, each student approaches writing individually. Everyone has their own sociology research paper ideas. There is a basic set of tips that, in any case, can help you with your research paper:

  • The study of relevant literature on your research topic for sociology course. This is what we mentioned above – the virtually limitless possibilities of the Internet, the purchase of necessary sociology books, the availability of information for your paper and other benefits of the century of advanced technologies.

Of course, you have to be careful. The Internet is the source that will not filter information for you. It can be either up-to-date or outdated, especially for sociology. So you should thoroughly research everything before citing it in your paper.

The Internet abounds with a large number of sociological research paper topics, but do not rush to grab the first one. There is a high probability that this sociology topic has been already examined from all sides. In that case, it will be very difficult for you to compose a unique research paper on sociology.

Do not forget that your professor wants to see an interesting research topic for sociology, interesting research work itself and interesting conclusions. Do not pursue simplicity and seeming ease. It is better to work hard and get a good result than to do careless work and ruin your reputation with plagiarised paper on sociology.

  • Drawing up a clear plan which reflects the content of the research paper on sociology. Do not roll your eyes up and close this article. Indeed, many refer to the advice about creating a plan skeptically. It seems to you that you can do everything and write your sociology paper without a plan. Your sociological research topics ideas are beautiful in their essence and there is no need to strain yourself once again.

Well, you do not need to listen to what we are going to tell you, it is your own business. However, the plan is the point that will allow you to present your sociology topic for the research paper in the best way possible and in the shortest time possible. Why do we focus on this? Because there is nothing more important and more expensive than time for a student.

You need to write a huge number of abstracts and research papers every week. And not only on sociology. Meanwhile, you also want to rest and have fun. You will be able to write your research paper on sociology without a plan, but keep in mind that it will take much more time and effort. You will forget where you stopped last time, what issue you planned to consider in the next part, how many sections your research paper on sociology will contain in general. All of these points will chaotically change and slow down your work.

If that suits you and you are a fan of chaos in everything, then go for it. But if you want to minimise the expenditure of time and energy, then just sit down, systematise all your sociology research paper ideas, write a plan and work according to it. Once you try to do that, you will realise that there are fewer sociological research questions or they have disappeared altogether.

  • Consistency and reasoning of the material presented in your sociology paper. This may seem like another useless advice, but it makes sense to listen. This point is connected to the previous one. All sociological research questions of your paper should be considered consistently and smoothly follow from each other. If you jump from topic to topic with a stubborn disregard for all laws of logic and common sense, there is a high probability that the professor will not even want to finish reading your sociology research paper.

It will be especially offensive if your sociology topic for the research paper is really good, interesting and promising. The absence of arguments in your sociology paper can also play a cruel joke with you. In all your reasoning, you must refer to sources or statistics. Otherwise, your information will not be convincing.

  • Design of the title page and all sections strictly that meets the requirements of your university.

This is an obvious point, but many do not pay proper attention to it. Professors are very zealous about the rules for the design of academic research papers, and some are completely obsessed with this. Therefore, you need to think about this before you start writing your sociology paper. It will be much harder to fix it later. No matter how good your sociological research topics ideas for the paper are, the incorrect design can worsen all your work. So be careful.

  • Use of only the most up-to-date bibliographic materials on sociology. So, you have chosen the most interesting theme from the list of sociological research paper topics. However, there is a problem – this is not the most modern topic and there is a large number of obsolete sources, which are its foundation.

Do not make them the main argument of your sociology paper! You can mention them, but the main emphasis should be directed to modern research, new achievements, new information in the light of the sociology topic you have chosen.

You may need to spend a lot of time to update the topic of your paper. However, if you are sure that your sociology research paper ideas are interesting and relevant, it makes sense to do it. Be sure that your professor will appreciate this research paper

  • Availability of references and footnotes to sources. This point interlaces with the previous one. All good sociology research topics cannot exist without proper quotations and references. Therefore, you need to check all these rules in advance and use them in your sociology research paper.

Your Sociological Research Topics Ideas Take Shape

Research paper on sociology is not written in one day. However, if you approach this question wisely, then you will cope with it much faster than expected. Remember that there are many sociological research paper topics on the Internet that you could choose.

But you do need not just topics. You need good sociology research topics. A smartly selected issue will be of great help for you to write an interesting research paper on sociology.

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