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Sociology essay topics.

Sociology is a subject, which covers almost every sphere of our life: people’s customs, practices and cultures. All of these notions branch out to various aspects that are interesting to discuss and can become a topic for your sociology essay. As sociological topics are usually broad make sure that you specify your research angle and limit it in time, place or set a particular purpose. Here you can find topic lists for such aspects as nationality and race issues, mass media, culture, gender and conflicts.

Topics about race and national issues.

  • Racial conflicts nowadays and throughout the history.
  • Interracial marriages.
  • Interracial relationships in the USA.
  • Multicultural families.
  • Stereotypes based on race or nationality.
  • National characters: do they exist?
  • Assimilation in the USA.
  • Factors leading to ruining national unities.
  • Educational national standards.
  • How do educational standards differ according to national factors?
  • The difference between terms “race” and “ethnicity”.
  • How are the notions “race” and “nationality” correlated?
  • Social position of multiethnic people.
  • Does ethnicity has an impact on the class distinguishing?
  • Feeling of patriotism.
  • Is patriotism a necessary for country well-being?
  • How does nationality influence political views?
  • The factors that make a person to feel proud of his / her nationality.

Topics about culture.

  • Youth cultures.
  • Why do particular youth cultures appear?
  • The reasons why youth cultures are popular only within one age group.
  • The effects of youth culture on the education level.
  • Culture of “emos”: main principles, causes and effects.
  • How can youth culture be destructive?
  • Deviant behaviors.
  • Hip hop culture and its influences.
  • Does mass media influence maturity?
  • What messages does modern music culture send to us?
  • The impacts of mass media on culture development.
  • Why does a competition between young women exist?
  • Social structure of high school.
  • Does the behavior of celebrities influence youth fashion?
  1. Mass media topics.
  • Impacts of mass media on our daily life.
  • Can we survive without social media?
  • The ways to promote healthy lifestyle in social media.
  • Political propaganda in mass media.
  • The issues sharpened by means of media.
  • Can media resolve intercultural conflicts?
  • The stereotypes developed by mass media.
  • The informative function of mass media.
  • Mass media as entertaining.
  • How young generation is shown in media?
  • The ways of presenting women in mass media?
  • How are successful people presented in media nowadays?
  • Does mass media raise an issue of disabled people protection?
  • Television for children.
  • Mass media as an educational project.
  • The reasons why we watch television.
  • Why should we not abuse social networks?
  • Facebook and feel of envy.
  • How social networks help people to increase their self-esteem?
  • Communication purposes of mass media.

Gender issues.

  • Glass ceiling.
  • The feminist movements.
  • Are women still really discriminated?
  • Discrimination of men in matriarchal community.
  • The stereotypes based on gender.
  • The representation of gay relationships in media nowadays.
  • Are men and women get equally paid for the same work?

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