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College education

Do you think that college education is too costly to be worth it? Or are you convinced that success pays off the huge financial spending during the college years? Well, more and more people are doubting the cost of college education. What do you think about it?

Let us suggest a few references for your persuasive essay on college education. If you need a full example of a paper on such topic, you are welcome to ask for our professional college homework help.

“Should Everyone Go to College?” by S. Owen and I. Sawhill

The authors of this article support the importance of college education, so it will be a great source if you stick to the same point of view. However, you can also argue with the authors if you do not, so anyway the source will be quite useful for your essay.

To prove or disprove your opinion, you will need to know the main ideas. Here are they in brief:

  • College education is considered to be an economic imperative for those who want to become successful. If we compare employees who graduated high school to those who have college degrees, the latter averagely earn significantly more.
  • The more years you spend in college, the higher income you are expected to get in your future.
  • The income return depends on a major selected, a college or university itself, and on whether a student gets a degree or not. (This is a good aspect to use in the essay against college education: averagely, college education pays off, BUT the period depends on many factors. So, BUTs still exist).

 “Against School” by J. Taylor


The title speaks for itself, so you may guess which side it will help you support in your persuasive essay. Here are the main points from it you may use. Indeed, they seem fair enough.

  • School brings up average individuals, teaching them the standards of thinking and behavior, and bringing them all to the same level. Thus, it leaves no space for creativity and extraordinary approaches.
  • A person who may be gifted is made comparable at school, so he/she may not find out about their talents. This is good for those who want to rule large masses of people.
  • There are a lot of famous people who succeeded without graduating or even going to college. (Well, this is, probably, the most common argument for persuasive essays).

“15 Super Successful People Who Never Graduated College” by P. Schrodt

Even though the author agrees that having a college degree will bring you more money, this article is still better to support the con side of your persuasive essay. Why so? The thing is that the “college degree means more money” rule is commonly accepted. But super-rich people are definitely not common. And the regular rules do not work for them. Thus, college education will help if you want to become better then others, but actually will not help you become an outstanding business person.

“Do the Benefits of College Still Outweigh the Costs?” by J. Abel and R. Deitz

The main point of the article is that the job market is already overcrowded by various specialists. A lot of them are still having hard times looking for a decent job. Still, a lot of students are yet to graduate, and they will have huge loans to pay for college education that will not help them get the job. This idea seems valid, and if I were you, I would use it while writing my persuasive essay on this topic.

“Why You Don’t Need a College Degree to Succeed” by Darren Wu

Darren Wu will also help you persuade others in your essay. Darren states that college education is not necessary to become successful. He analyzes the college degree from the viewpoint of financial independence it does not give to students. Indeed, some either keep living with parents and/or need to work hard for long to pay the college loans. College education is more like a business where colleges, as competitors, try to attract more students, offering them unreasonably high fees to pay. So, if the college fee exceeds one’s possibilities twice or even more, it is better to find another, a surer way to financial success.

“12 Business Founders Who Succeeded Without a College Degree” by G. Stansberry

Student with no money

This is another source, claiming that college degree is not needed in the modern world to succeed. So, if you are for college education, you will have a lot of opposers to fight with in your persuasive essay. Basically, Glen Stansberry states that there are a lot of students pursuing their degree, and this is what makes it less valuable. The important issue raised in this article is that in order to become successful, you need to study after college. And if you have a loan and are forced to work and earn money, this is not possible. Thus, college education is not only unnecessary but also prevents from reaching financial success. Innovative approach, creativeness, and the ability to oppose set social standards will help much more.

“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by N. Carr

Even though the title of this article sounds irrelevant to the issue of necessity of college education, still you can use it as a reference to support your opinion. The author analyzes the impact of Google on the modern society, and the change in the informational exchange its introduction to masses has brought. With an access to any information you need, there seems to be no need to go to college and pay extremely high fees for tuition. Furthermore, IT makes it possible to find a job online, and it will not necessarily require one to be a degree holder.

Review these materials before you start writing your persuasive essay, since the mass of information and ideas presented there may influence your point of view. Remember that you need to start writing your essay only after you are certain about your own point of view feel that it can be persuasive enough so others will take your side.

Do not be afraid to say something that opposes the norms and standards: you are free to express your personal opinion and use the available means to support it. And, as you may have learned from the post, those who stand out of the crowd take the right road to success.

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