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How Difficult to Be Teenager Girl: 9 Follies at 16 Years


It is a well-known fact that being a teenager is like hard labor because there have a lot of tasks to do. For instance, attend various classes, do homework such as writing essays or making presentations, and of course, dating with the most beautiful guy from school. These are just the harmless aspects of this wonderful age.

So 16 years is a high time for follies. But the key point here is innocuity of these follies. Unfortunately, more often than not such monkey tricks can have terrible consequences. Therefore, it is important to note that too much of a good thing is good for nothing. Here are admitted some of the most unattractive things which could be done while being a teenager.

Dropped Out

The school is for nerds, isn't it? You have realized that in order to build a successful career certificate isn’t a necessity. But you have forgotten about one feature. This “career” will not be referred to international economic, IT, science, etc., but it will be limited by positions at McDonalds. Of course, we know that you are fed up with studying. But think about your future.

Give up Your Hobbies

And then you will regret about this for a long time. If you like dancing, do not stop doing this. You shouldn’t give up hobby due to momentary weakness. Just remember how hard was to achieve the target. You put much effort. It will be a pity to give up just because you have found a boyfriend or got a bad mark at school, won’t be? In this regard, cool it. And don’t forget that time spent with pleasure is never wasted.

Be Nervous Because of Boyfriend

You are not a Juliet, and he is not Romeo. And don’t think seriously about suicide! It is the worst thing you can ever think of. To be honest, any boyfriend doesn’t deserve your tears. You will get it, but later. So relax, because you will have a lot of guys who could hurt you. But remember, there are a lot of boyfriends, but nerve cells are limited. According to some experts, nerve cells never recover. On this matter, carefully treat to your nervous system as it has an influence on skin, hair, nails and health in general. You don’t want to be bald, don’t you?

Ran Away from Home Because of Quarrels with Parents

Where? Where do you go? Of course, you need to leave a parent’s home but only when you are prudent and responsible. And at least, you have a job. But in this case, it is a silly boyishness. Running to nowhere during the cold night is not our option. At best, you will be back after a couple of days. But you will be upset, hungry and perhaps ill. These are the best consequences.

Smoke and Drink


Everybody is smoking and drinking, and you aren’t the exception? If you think so, you are pretty wrong. These “attributes of adult’s life” are not proofs of your maturity. No, we are not going to tell you about morality. Honestly, everybody has tried alcohol or tobacco. But do not do it just to be cool among friends. It won’t add “coolness” but present some health problems.

Worry Too Much Because of Appearance

Of course, we know how it is important for you to look great. You always must be with make-up and wear the Sunday’s best. It is a part of your individuality, isn’t it? If so, it sounds great, but you should not exaggerate. Love yourself for who you are is a real focus. When you realize your uniqueness, you will get self-confidence. You should agree that tones of make-up won’t bring you a sense of confidence and security. Only your inner voice can provide peace of mind.

Spend All Savings on a Wacky Skirt

It is very sad, but inevitable. We do not know why this happens, but it definitely happens to everyone. When you are shopping, your brain may turn off. And when you wake up you see the new bright red skirt that costs like Lamborghini. Each of us has such thing in the wardrobe. Do not worry. Although it is disappointing…

Eat Fast Food

Minimum benefits + fat ass. It is a nice formula, isn’t it? Despite the trend leading a healthy lifestyle, still, there is a huge problem concerning fast food. According to some scientists, fast food contains the most harmful elements which have a terrible impact on our health. For instance, it could lead to heart attacks, obesity, and even cancer. Statistics admit that almost a third of the population suffer from obesity. So do not get carried away with this stuff.

Fall in Love with Handsome Teacher

Have you planned your wedding? He is so cute that it is impossible not to fall in love with him. We all understand this, but do not take it too seriously.

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