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What Colors Make Brown - What to Mix to Get Brown?

What colors make brown


Brown is one of the key paints in an artist`s palette. It is used directly or in combination with other hues to depict ordinary things like tables, trees, kinds of food and more.

Girls are also often in demand for brown. They use various tones of the hue to make up or apply nail lacquer. As is usually the case, they lack certain colors (as well as time) and have to find a way out mixing paints to make the one they need. They should know the way to combine hues to make it quickly, as boyfriend`s impatience is growing and another tone doesn`t suit their bag and shoes.


What to mix to make brown

Luckily, there`s no need to lose time. This article is going to answer questions like what colors make brown, what colors make golden brown and more of the kind. We`ll point out what supplies can be used to get an appropriate tone and consider situations when 2 or 3 hues needed to get it.

What Colors Make Brown?

Traditionally people use 3 paints to produce brown. The main colors exist in each palette. All one needs is:

·         blue;

·         yellow;

·         red mixed together.

Put them in an equal rate on the certain surface and start rolling. After a while, you`ll find out that initial paints are disappearing. Instead, there will appear the required one.

All you need to get started is a set of paints (inks, make-up suite, markers), paintbrush, separate plate or another surface to test and mix.

There exist diverse options to produce brown. For instance, mixing blue+yellow+orange is going to result in the desired shade. There can be added purple or green instead one of the colors named above.

Sometimes people lack the full set of major and extra paints. But they still need to compose a certain hue. What two colors make brown? Let`s find out.

If a person doesn`t have at hand all desired colors, they can still get brown. Let`s consider the theory. Red, yellow and blue are considered major hues, as they can produce other paints. Complimentary (additional) paints are already made of main hues mixture. For instance, red&blue mixed together can produce purple. Green is made when combining yellow+blue.


What colors make brown - color wheel


Equipped with theory one can easily mix certain two paints to achieve the goal. There are three additional hues. They are:

·         orange;

·         purple;

·         green.

Rolling them with main paints person can get any neutral color.

You need to unite an equal amount of the additional shape with the appropriate major one. There are several ways to produce the required tone using complimentary hues:

·         green+red;

·         orange+blue;

·         purple+yellow.

As is seen from the examples above, one can find various methods to get done brown. Some options demand to combine major and additional paints.

Sometimes people require some specific tone of color, namely light, tan, dark, rust or golden. Methods to create such hues are pretty simple too.

What Colors Make Light Brown?


What colors make light brown


The most easy-to-use method to produce light tone is to put white. First, you need to compose brown, using one of the methods specified upthread. When it`s ready, just add white with small portions and keep mixing. If produced ton lacks appropriate light, top up some more white.

If brown is lacking, create it mixing just two colors. One of them should be major and another additional. The latter is already a composition of 2 main hues. It`s better to use yellow+purple (unites blue&red). Yellow should be basic color and purple should be added in small portions. Start with 5-10% of purple and put more, if required.

What Colors Make Tan Brown?

Tan tone is easily made by the composition of 2 hues – orange&blue. Use first (consists of yellow&red) as basic paint. Gradually add blue. The proportion shouldn`t be equal. 5-10% of blue is enough in most cases to produce a tan tone.

What colors make tan brown

What Colors Make Dark Brown?

We`ve already noticed that white is an efficient option to light brown. Logically, one can think that black is a good idea to make it darker. Try it and you`ll see that wouldn`t work. Black is going to spoil the compound. Instead of required shape, you`ll turn it to a sort of mud. So, don`t even try it.

The dark tone may be created by supplement of the bigger portion of blue in composition with orange. So, the secret is rather simple.

What Colors Make Rust Brown?

Rust is one of the brown colors. It bears a resemblance to the process of iron oxidation. The word has German origin and can be translated as “redness.”

To get rust paint one needs put yellow+red+black to already made brown. Ratio is 5 (for basic color) : 2 (black) : 1 (red) : 1 (yellow).

What Colors Make Golden Brown?

To produce golden shade is to compose yellow+blue+red. If you are not satisfied with the result, then add a bit green. Combination of these hues will give you golden tone.

There are several ways to produce diverse shapes of brown. One can roll major and additional hues, use 2, 3 or more colors. Anyhow, it`s good to know that there is no limitation to supplies. So, you can reach the goal with this and those components.

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