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What is Bonjour - All Meanings of the Word

What is bonjour?

People all over the world know that “bonjour” is a French greeting. Nevertheless, it has some different meanings. What is bonjour? What is Bonjour service? These and other popular questions we are going to answer hereafter.

What is Bonjour in Different Languages?

Bonjour stands for French greeting. It is “hello” in French. It is the main and widely spread meaning of the word. Nowadays it is used in other languages too, including English.

Literally, the word is translated as “good day”. It can be divided into two parts. “Bon” stands for “good” and “jour” means “day”. So, you wish your interlocutor to have a good day.


What is bonjour in different languages?


Indirect Meaning of Bonjour

In some cases, the word “bonjour” can be used in a different meaning. It depends on a specific situation.

The term is used in association with France and French people. British and American people get used to calling in such way French exchange students.

It is well-known that residents from one country are often called in the same manner. Their nickname is based on the particular feature of each nation. For instance, a stranger from Russia is often called Ivan. During World War II, people from Central and Western Europe noticed that many Soviet soldiers were named Ivan. So they started calling them “Ivans”. Instead, Americans are named “Johns” by Russians.

The same is with French. British and American people liked the way French greet. They started using “bonjour” both instead of hello and to denote any French citizen. The word became a household name for people from France.

Example: Have you seen those bonjours at the cafe? They looked like models from men`s magazine.


Indirect meaning of bonjour


There is another indirect meaning of “bonjour”. It is often used in teenagers` conversation as a synonym to “nonsense”. When a person wants to emphasize that another one is constantly talking randomly and their opinion is meaningless.

Example: Person #1: I met Paul yesterday. He was full of news as usual!

               Person #2: Good for you. I try to miss such meetings. He is always saying bonjours.

What is Bonjour in Service?

The term is also widely used in the computer industry. It is a kind of software initially developed by Apple team for Mac computers.

Bonjour unites a group of programs designed to assist different apps and gadgets. It helps to find them each other and tie up.


What is bonjour in service?


It is Zero Configuration Networking technology. The app consists of protocols suit. It is designed to establish ties between one-chain services, apps, and gadgets. This program functions on OSX PCs and iOS devices. It is widely used for various purposes, including printers sharing.

Unlike PC programs (Adobe, Microsoft Word, Daemon Tools), Bonjour can`t be used directly. It is a kind of implicit software which functions on Layer2 protocols. One of its purposes is also to set up an IP-network.

First, the program launched as Rendezvous. It is another French word that stands for the meeting point. In 2005 the company had to change the program name as it faced the trademark disputes.

Now it is essential software which makes using networks much easier. In simple words, it helps to communicate, make settings, share messages, printers and other services for the users of a single network.

The participant of the one local network can send instant messages via iMessage. You can also look through schedule via task manager or event viewer. Bonjour provides various important services. You don`t need to know the correct network address, port number, or other information. All you need is to be a part of the LN.


What does Bonjour service mean?

To simplify the Internet searching, Bonjour allows joint management. For instance, you may have the same favorites. For better convenience, Apple team designed the Bonjour browser. It is also inbuilt in early versions of Safari browser. Apple removed it in Safari 11 and later versions.

Bonjour on Windows PC

Though Bonjour was designed for MacOS, it is adapted and can be installed on Windows XP, 7, 10. It can be used for establishing a local network and sharing all the appropriate files and services. So, the functions are the same as for the Apple PC.

Some people use it purposefully on PC. But there are also a lot of complaints, on the other hand. The first reason is that the program conflicts with other apps and device. It is natural as it was developed for another environment. In that situation, it should be replaced on alternative software.

Another reason — they consider it to be a virus. The application is often drive-by-downloaded and installed with other Apple tools. So, users are afraid that it can damage the productivity of their systems.

If Bonjour is not needed, it can be easily deleted following certain steps:

1.       Choose “Programs&Features” in a task pane.

2.       Find the appropriate application.

3.       Press “Uninstall”.

Bonjour is a well-known French word which has several extremely different meanings and denotations. It can be used as a greeting, a household name for French men, nonsense and the computer service. Sometimes users ask on forums about bonjour.uber as a sub-address of Uber website. The official site proves that this is a legit address.


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