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Writing about History of Homework

History of homework


In the past, getting an education was nothing like we picture it today. No chalkboards, no recess, no assemblies or pizza parties, even no schoolhouses. For most of history, children would receive their schooling at home, and only the wealthy families and lords could afford to educate their kids. The last one would pay tutors to come to their home to teach their kids. Back then, children were not getting any at-home tasks. If you think about it, it is kind of hard to assign homework to a kid when the whole thing is happening at home.

Top Guides for Funny Roommate Pranks

Funny roommate joke


A dormitory life of students can sometimes be dull and boring. When you have nothing to do, there always is a choice. You can go in for some funny roommate pranks.

Is There any Difference Between High School and College? (Spoiler: YES)

High school difference


Before I entered college and started working for the great academic writing service, I had the same question appearing in my mind. Can college life have much difference compared to a high school? Well, there are similar things like textbooks, extracurriculars, classes, other students, and so on. It seemed pretty likely to a high school.

10 Reasons to Go to College (Besides Building a Successful Career)

Reasons to choose college


  Lately, students have been talking about the topic of four-year college degrees. Young people frequently doubt if it is worth to spend so much time studying.  Yes, graduation increases the probability of a student getting a really high-paid and great job significantly, but that's not a sure thing. There are jobs with six-figure incomes that do not require you to have a degree.

Easiest College Classes to Pick

Easiest college classes


Students mostly don’t like signing up for college classes. That stress can make even Jennifer Lawrence feel some emotions. Anger? Anxiety? Fear? All of them?

How to Edit an Essay – Make it Perfect

Essay editing tips


After a student finishes writing an essay text, they should start the procedure of making it perfect – editing. Careful editing and attentive text revising is the last stage before generating an A+ essay. It is a skill separate from writing. And it is a skill you should practice and sharpen with time. Even the most famous writers and scientists regularly go in for checking and fixing their newly completed texts.

How to Write a History Essay

Essay on history


In this article, you won’t see rhetorical questions, philosophical thoughts, and blurry sentences. The best history writers of are going to give their personal view on how to write a killer essay. No more words, here is our practical guide on how to write an essay that will get the highest marks.

What Is Further Education?

Students at class


Sometimes we tend to look upon education as a hierarchy with universities at the very top. We have a subconscious belief that only the very brightest and the best ones get a degree and professional qualifications. Does further education play an essential role in this scheme? For an international student, it is quite hard to understand the education system of the UK with all its stages, exams, and courses.

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