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How to Avoid Fake News


From time to time, surfing on the web, we all become victims of fake news. However, reading or even spreading fake news in every-day situations does not have the same effect as citing it in academic papers. A single reference to fake news may put the credibility of the whole paper on a doubt.

50 Great Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

Sports essay topics

Usually, the word “sports” in the context of essay writing means any physical activity people can go in for following various purposes. Still, almost all persuasive essay topics in this field require the writer to concentrate their attention on the particular kind of sports activities.

How to Boost Your College GPA

How to raise GPA

When considering all the rest of your academic and working career, the college GPA score is a thing that matters much. Getting a higher GPA can bring you greater career possibilities, better job opportunities leading to higher earnings and life quality. How to boost your GPA in college? No worries, you can raise GPA even if it is the lowest one in the world. In case you begin right away.

Ai Text Generator From Elon Musk

Elon Musk GPT-2


Elon Musk and non-profit organization Open AI created a unique fake news generator GPT-2 that they are too scared to launch at its full force. However, they do publish a small training model and technical paper of the new AI model GPT-2 for others to study, research, and perhaps, develop in an unpredictable manner. It is also worth mentioning that soon after the new AI model release, Elon Musk resigned from the OpenAI board of directors and explained it as the conflict of interests.

Capstone Project Ideas

Capstone Idea

When approaching the final part of a studying program, a student of a high school or university will definitely be wanted to complete a capstone project. What is that and what is needed from you to finish in order to pass your graduation successfully and to get the diploma with no problem? In fact, there are multiple reasons why graduating students have to finish their capstone projects.

What Are the Different Note-taking Methods?

Note-taking System

I would wager the majority of students use the sentence method of note-taking. In the sentence method, you just grab a piece of paper and try to write down everything your professor is saying. Unfortunately, what you are going to end up with is a big sheet of paper that is covered with writing which really difficult to find necessary information in. So, is there a unique note-taking guide to write faster?

What is the Meaning of the Term Philosophy?

What is the Meaning of the Term Philosophy?

Philosophy is a discipline which concerns the matters of universe, existence, reasons, values etc. It also deals with their interrelation. The first to mention this term was Greek sophist Pythagoras. Nowadays the study includes various methods, like a rational argument, questioning, systemic presentation, and critical debates. Thinkers put questions: What is the world? How real is it?

What is the Meaning of BMW Acronym?

What is the Meaning of BMW Acronym?


Plenty of notorious brands are known for their abbreviations. Let`s see – AMC, AMD, CVS, A&W, NSBC, KMART, DSW, MAC, FIAT, and more. They are familiar to millions of people all over the world. German vehicle manufacturer BMW continues or even starts the list of the most renowned company acronyms. It is also known as Bimmer and Boomer. People guess what does BMW stand for, who is the owner of BMW?
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