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How to Write an Exemplification Essay

Exemplification essay writing


The variety of academic tasks that students are asked to complete is huge. But what if a student needs to complete an essay standing a bit beyond, aside from common norms, formats, and standards of academic papers? 

How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Rhetorical essay writing


A rhetorical analysis essay has quite an uncommon goal: the writer's purpose here is to write about someone else's writing. In a rhetorical analysis essay, students "decrypt" texts of other writers and speakers to show what their words, phrases, and sentences actually mean.

Essay Rubric: 5 Main Points of Text Grading

Essay rubric


What is an essay rubric? It is a way for professors to assess the student's writing task results. In other words, an essay rubric is a list of specified factors influencing the final grade a student gets for a completed writing assignment.

Explanatory Essay

Explanatory Essay


Winners are who write history. Still, any situation, event or topic has numerous viewpoints that depend on the approach of the person trying to analyze and interpret them. Swaying the way of thinking or ideology is a tough task.

Essay Cover Page

Essay cover page


An excellent cover page is what each good essay requires. The reader pays attention to it first of all. So, if you do it properly, your readers will know that you are a qualified writer right after checking how it’s written.

Format a Short Essay Correctly

Format short essay


How to format a short essay? writers hear this question frequently. In this article, we decided to give an expanded answer to it.

How to Start a Narrative Essay

Narrative essay start


How to start a narrative essay? experts are here to give students some expert tips. You can always rely on professional assistance when choosing our online service.

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