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Helpful Sources for Your College Homework in Education

College education

Do you think that college education is too costly to be worth it? Or are you convinced that success pays off the huge financial spending during the college years? Well, more and more people are doubting the cost of college education. What do you think about it?

Who Invented Homework and Why?

Struggling with homework

Sitting in front of a computer late at night and struggling with home assignments for a tomorrow’s class, you may have desperately thought: who invented homework and why does that person hate students that much? Having heard about all the bad influences home assignments have on students, you may also wonder why almost all teachers in the world decided to follow the one who once made homework compulsory.

Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay


If you are aimed at getting a position of a nurse, you will most likely need to write a “why I want to be a nurse” essay. The admission committee will consider it while reviewing your application. Surely, to achieve your goal, you should know how to create a decent piece of writing that will help you stand out from the crowd. What will help you to make your nursing essay outstanding? Read on to find out.

My Essay Sample. Are We Born Geniuses? If Not, Can We Become Ones?

Child prodigy

If you have already googled the answer to these questions, I’m sure you feel a little frustrated. Half of the articles Google suggested to you stated that “Yes, of course, definitely, we all can make ourselves geniuses if we want to!” The other half of all search results tells you that “No! You shouldn’t even entertain a hope that you can become a genius. You can be born one only. No third is given. Put up with it!”

What to Write in an Essay on Africa’s Cybersecurity Issues?

African continent

You’ve definitely heard about Elon Musk’s ambitious intention to provide each and every corner of our world with the easily accessible, always available, and, most importantly, affordable Internet. By the way, on February 22 SpaceX successfully launched two test satellites, taking the first, revolutionary step towards building the largest satellite network that will bring high quality and high speed Internet to each earthling.

How to Self-Discipline Yourself to Do College Homework?

Happy student

Confess to yourself. How many times have you dreamt to start a new life next Monday, attend a gym, become a guru in cookery, have a dig at Spanish, set out to write a report in sociology or improve a few academic papers? Yet, when you get down to doing any of these things, it appears that you attempt to do at least something (buy a gym membership or attend a class in Spanish).

How to Improve English Writing Skills?

English skills

Are you ready to write in English like a pro? If you need to write business emails, academic essays, academic papers, essays for an IELTS exam, you need to practice your writing skills on a regular basis. This is a problem I have been struggling with for many years. I suppose you can understand me – you’ve stumbled upon this article for a reason.

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