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How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

Write a scholarship essay


The U.S. Department of Education devotes much money as scholarship investments: the amount of funds put into student awards reaches nearly 46 billion dollars. The most part of them are costs from the federal budget, but there also are many private scholarship foundations helping students to cover their tutorial expenses.


What is an Essay?

What is essay

So, what is an essay? It is a prose writing genre of a small volume and free composition. To say simpler, it is a discourse creative writing text.   An essay as a small form of literature first appeared in France. In French, the word “essay” means “a probe, an attempt, a sketch”.

College Football Playoff History

CFP history

CFP (this is the abbreviation meaning College Football Playoff) is the tournament serving to find out which team is the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) champion. The highest-level games happen once a year, these actually are the most valuable competitions for college football teams in the United States of America.

What Skills to List on Resume?

Resume paper

Let’s start our discourse with a resume definition. Apparently, its general meaning doesn't present any intricacies for the majority of people, so it will be informative but concise. A resume is a document that showcases a person’s background, qualifications, and experiences. It is used all over the globe during the recruitment process.

How Does Virtual School Work


How will the future of education look like? How do you imagine the future classrooms a hundred years from now? You often see technology portrayed in an interesting way, do not you?

How to Avoid Fake News


From time to time, surfing on the web, we all become victims of fake news. However, reading or even spreading fake news in every-day situations does not have the same effect as citing it in academic papers. A single reference to fake news may put the credibility of the whole paper on a doubt.

50 Great Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

Sports essay topics

Usually, the word “sports” in the context of essay writing means any physical activity people can go in for following various purposes. Still, almost all persuasive essay topics in this field require the writer to concentrate their attention on the particular kind of sports activities.

How to Boost Your College GPA

How to raise GPA

When considering all the rest of your academic and working career, the college GPA score is a thing that matters much. Getting a higher GPA can bring you greater career possibilities, better job opportunities leading to higher earnings and life quality. How to boost your GPA in college? No worries, you can raise GPA even if it is the lowest one in the world. In case you begin right away.

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