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How to Write a Business Plan

Writing a plan

You may ask: why do I need it? Why can’t I just launch my company and get to market? Why is a business plan important? Actually, its importance cannot be understated. Business plan sets out where you want to go, defines your key objectives for the next two or three years.

Is It Normal to Hate College?


Nowadays it is hard not to hate. People hurt us with their words, institutions hurt us with their people. Hate is tearing us apart, breaking our spirit and taking pleasure in watching us bleed. But we are trying so hard not to collapse under the weight of all the thoughts we hear in our heads and all the eyes we feel on our backs.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay?


I am going to start off with a definition for a synthesis essay. In simple terms, this type of writing requires the author to formulate an idea which must be backed by several sources. Yes, it might remind you of a research or a thesis paper.

What Is Coursework in College?


College coursework is basically a student’s extended paper or a project which aims to develop writing skills and demonstrate the level of your knowledge in this field. It is a kind of paper that you complete during the year, unlike the exam at the end of a course. The exact definition of college coursework is blurry. It depends on the subject.

Be Careful with Using War Slang in Your Essay Writing

Academic writing

We all know that the best way to avoid war slang usage in daily situations is to avoid wars. However, at this point, humanity hasn`t come to the realization that it`s not the way of handling disagreements in the 21st century. The least you can do for now is not to include controversial phrases which form the war slang in your academic writing.

What Is a Community College?

Community college

Community colleges are becoming increasingly popular among students from all walks of life. If just 20 years ago they were mostly a solution for low-income families, now they are attractive for the middle and upper-middle class as well. What’s the reason behind their popularity? Should you hop on the bandwagon and go to one too?

Does a Higher Education Mean a Cheaper Life?

Higher education

Students enter higher education institutions every year. Most of them hope that a higher education will help them get a well-paid job and very soon become rich. But is it really so? This essay provides some facts and will help you build your own point of view on this controversial question.

How to Write My Essay About Euthanasia

Essay about euthanasia

Nowadays, euthanasia is a classic example of a moral dilemma that is yet to be resolved with the help of law regulations. It is necessary to discuss this issue and contribute to finding the solution to the dilemma.

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