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Instagram Citation Guidelines

MLA Citation instagram

For the majority of students, citation and referencing are like flooding and life jacket at the same time. Over the years of studying and writing, you will be researching and reading tons of works done by others to help formulate your ideas and arguments. Believe me, any piece of academic writing that is not properly cited will incur your professor’s anger and most probably will result in an accusation of plagiarism which is the worst academic sin a student can ever commit.

How to Make My Essay Longer

How to make your paper longer

Are you juggling tons of research papers, essays and a couple of exams? Do not you know where to start from and how to finish your 5-page essay and a book review in one evening? These are questions that have always been tearing students apart. Unfortunately, we can’t help with this, essay writing goes through our entire years of education.

Why Should College Athletes be Paid?

College athletes

Sport is an extremely important part of students life in the US. No matter whether you play for the college team or simply spend time playing with your peers, in any case, sport gives you a priceless experience in terms of socialization (not to mention your physical development). Most educational institutions provide three common levels of sports participation — initial sports, club sports and the team of the university.

What Is a Scholarly Article and Source for It?

Scholarly article

A scholarly article is an author’s research on a specific subject presented in a written form, usually created by a scientist, scholar or an expert in some specific professional field. Scholarly articles are written in accordance with a number of strict rules and clear structure. There is no room for neither literary, informal epithets and descriptions nor extra information unrelated to the main subject of the text.

Christmas Writing Prompts

Holiday spirit

Through writing, most students can stretch the imagination, limits of their minds and writing skills. But you would probably ask me, who cares about writing when it is the most magical time of the year? Let me disagree, it is the time for creativity, inspiration, and miracles as well. Christmas writing prompts are the best way to feel the holiday spirit, explore the creative recesses of your mind, and recall that it is all about giving and receiving.

What to Write in a Christmas Card?

Christmas card

Let us guess and voice your thoughts a week before Christmas. “Okay, I need to write this Christmas card for Ellen. I have to choose my words carefully. “To Ellen”, no, that is obvious. “Dear Ellen”, no, it is better to stick with “to”. “To cupcake”, no no no. “Merry Christmas, I hope that Jesus…” Oh my God, it sounds so boring. I need to stick to funny things. I got one! “May your Christmas be a joyful and memorable one like the time I burn the class down, except more joyful”.

How to Set up Google Classroom

A classroom

Google Classroom was designed in collaboration with teachers, who used to implement Google products for their efficient work. The idea of the service is quite simple — teachers are now to create and check homework online, submit grades and leave comments easily. On the other hand, students get online access to education materials, assignments, lectures.

How Hard Is Law School — Expectations and Reality

Law school

The decision to start a career in law starts with a personal question why law school and no less important one — are you ready to commit years to study hard, take several examinations, overtake tough licensing procedures, finally, take post-graduation, which among other things, means high tuition fees.

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