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How to Cite an Article

Citing an article

When writing an essay or article writing and using other people’s ideas, you need to cite them properly. You can just summarize or paraphrase their ideas with your own words, or write a direct quote as well, but you still have to honor the resources your material comes from.

How to Write a College Level Essay

College essay

While most students agree with the statement that writing an essay is a boring task, in fact, it can be very interesting. Whenever you write an essay, either for class, for a project, or for a scholarship, do your best. Also, our college essay service can provide you with some practical advice on writing in general.

What Is Coursework? Academic Coursework Meaning Defined

Coursework definition

All high school and university students deal with coursework writing at some point or another. They usually go through the first year of studying and master their major. Towards the end of the year, students will often have to write academic papers, and many look for some coursework help.

Tips for Homework About the Effect of Alcohol on Human Beings

Life without alcohol

According to British researchers, drinking alcohol every day can decrease your lifespan. They conducted a review where they analyzed the health of 600,000 people drinking alcohol. As a result, scientists discovered: the more people consume alcohol, the shorter their life becomes.

How to Motivate Yourself to Complete Homework

I can do it

Are you looking for some tips on how to get motivated to do homework? We can definitely help you solve this problem. Where do you start if you need to do your homework, but have absolutely no desire to do it?First of all, try to determine the reason why you lack the enthusiasm. Sometimes a student can simply be tired or hungry, for example. All human beings have basic needs, which have to be fulfilled in order to proceed with other things.

How to Write a Research Report Step by Step


If you are a student, no matter what your major is, you will need to write research reports. Higher educational institutions bring you up as a scientist who will contribute to the development of a certain field. You will be required to carry out the common activities for scientists: doing research and writing reports about what you found out. A well-organized process always helps to save time and efforts. So in this article, I am willing to help you and tell how to write a research report step by step.

Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

Homework ban

No one likes to take job home and pull an all-nighter to complete it. For some reason, parents who think so, have a different attitude to home tasks their children accomplish daily and oppose home tasks ban actively.

Assignment About Development of Kids: Sources

Kid playing

If you have selected this topic for your academic essay writing, we bet you are a brave student. There is so much information on it, so you can practically live at the library for weeks. However, if you are aimed at writing a short piece, you would be grateful for a few interesting sources to use. And here they are.

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