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Dissertation Introduction: How to Write It?

Write dissertation introduction


Every dissertation has its beginning. The first chapter of a dissertation or thesis is the introduction. It shows up next to the table of contents and has one simple goal. With the intro, you should draw your potential readers in the research as strong as possible. In this part, it is critical to write about a purpose, direction, and focus of your research.

How to Write a Traveling Essay?

Writing traveling essay


 Usually, the inspiration for a traveling essay happens after the trip, but what to do if you need to write it right now and you do not have time to harvest material for a paper? In this article, the professional writers from will show you how to bring the reader along on the journey, describe little-known facts about the country and infuse the traveling essay with culture and a sense of place.

How to Write a Leadership Essay?

Leadership essay


When it comes to essay writing, almost everyone knows the procedure: research, basic structure writing, editing. But what about leadership essay? What should you include? How to start? Do you need an outline? Is it a different kind of paper? The biggest obstacles that students face up during leadership essay writing are the lack of achievements, unclear structure of the paper, and the blurry description of the skills they have.

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive topic


To find, develop, and present funny persuasive speech topic, a student should understand what each of these four words means. If “topic” and “speech” are self-explanatory, “funny” and “persuasive” require a more comprehensive description.

How to Write “Who Am I” Essay?

Who am I?


It sounds like a simple question “Who am I?”, but when you think about it, there is no right answer. There are many things you think of when you hear this question like “Is it my personality or my character, the way I dress, my skills, abilities? Maybe my values and beliefs? Or is it a combination of all these things because one thing does not define who you are as a person?”

20 Human Rights Topics for Essays

Human rights


When it comes to writing an essay on human rights, you want to pick a topic which is relevant and compelling. It is a paper that provokes action and, in turn, can result in a change in society. But how to make the right choice? What are you required and expected to write? Are there any taboo topics?

How to Write Satire Essay?

Satire essay


They say writing satire is like running for office. If you appeal only to those who agree with you, you will fail every single time. So, how to write a satire essay? Is there some kind of rules? Does it differ from a usual paper?

What is a Personal Essay?

Personal essay


Students who get a personal essay task for the first time feel confused because they used to think that each text they complete and bring to their professor is a personal essay writing task. Nevertheless, things are more complicated, and students should be able to distinguish a narrative or comparative essay from that called personal if they want to get the best grades.
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