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What Does WYD Mean?

What does WYD mean


In recent days people come across different strange acronyms. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to make out of their meaning. Especially when they are arranged ignoring any grammatical patterns. People that got used to finding grammatical and logical sense in every aspect would never guess right the correct meaning of WYD. What does WYD mean?

What Does PDF Stand For - Meaning of PDF Files

What does PDF stand for

When browsing on the Internet, you meet a lump of acronyms. They are variants of slang words or shortenings of long phrases. Sometimes one acronym may have several definitions, so it is hard to figure out the correct meaning. PDF is one of such acronyms. It is widespread in texting and can also be met in statistics, medicine and military field.

What Does IG Mean?

What does IG mean

Even experienced users of social media come across strange and unknown words at times. Youth slang is constantly changing. The developing of their vocabulary is an unstoppable process. Young people make shorter long phrases or even words all the time. It helps them to communicate quicker. Besides, they are easy-going about the correctness of the speech forms.

What Does DNA Stand For?

What does DNA stand for

In school years we learned about DNA. The material was dull and complicated. Very few grasped the basics of it. So, now it`s high time to hunt down a question. DNA is mainly used in biology and medical terms. Sometimes we come across the abbreviation and understand that it has quite a different meaning. What does DNA stand for?

What Does DM Mean - 6 Meanings of DM

What does DM mean

From time to time people come across acronym DM. It occurs in different fields, as it has multiple definitions. It can be treated in diverse senses regarding the context and sphere. For instance, it has certain definitions in social media, medicine, jewelry, shoe industry, etc. So, you can easily get confused with DM. What does DM mean in medical terms? What does DM mean in the song?

What Does AFK Mean? Meaning of AFK

What does AFK mean

Manifold acronyms have flooded the Internet and social media. People often use them on forums and in peculiar communities. They have been influencing our speech more and more. What is to be done by those who keep out of new terms? Naturally, the teenagers form the main social layer that is responsible for producing new acronyms.

What Colors Make Brown - What to Mix to Get Brown?

What colors make brown


Brown is one of the key paints in an artist`s palette. It is used directly or in combination with other hues to depict ordinary things like tables, trees, kinds of food and more. Girls are also often in demand for brown. They use various tones of the hue to make up or apply nail lacquer.

Learn How to Be Cool!

How to be cool

Once in a lifetime, you have probably asked yourself one crucial question. “Am I good enough?” And what was your answer? Let’s admit it, everybody wants to be loved, adored and appreciated. You can’t learn how to be cool at school. There is no subject for that. However, it should be considered as basic knowledge. Not a secret that healthy self-esteem helps in work and in relationships with other people.

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