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How to Edit an Essay – Make it Perfect

Essay editing tips


After a student finishes writing an essay text, they should start the procedure of making it perfect – editing. Careful editing and attentive text revising is the last stage before generating an A+ essay. It is a skill separate from writing. And it is a skill you should practice and sharpen with time. Even the most famous writers and scientists regularly go in for checking and fixing their newly completed texts.

How to Write a History Essay

Essay on history


In this article, you won’t see rhetorical questions, philosophical thoughts, and blurry sentences. The best history writers of are going to give their personal view on how to write a killer essay. No more words, here is our practical guide on how to write an essay that will get the highest marks.

What Is Further Education?

Students at class


Sometimes we tend to look upon education as a hierarchy with universities at the very top. We have a subconscious belief that only the very brightest and the best ones get a degree and professional qualifications. Does further education play an essential role in this scheme? For an international student, it is quite hard to understand the education system of the UK with all its stages, exams, and courses.

How to Write a Student CV

Write a CV


 To pay student debts and to have some more free funds, modern students frequently decide to go in for a part-time or even a full-time job. Besides, it is a great opportunity to start building a resume and the whole career with gaining professional experience.

How to Memorize an Essay: Practical Tips on Memorizing Long Texts

Memorize essay


  Sometimes, students get the task to memorize an essay. Of course, modern students are interested in ways to do that quickly and effectively. Nobody wants to spend days on memorizing an essay. Professional essay writers know how to complete academic tasks well, so memorizing an essay is not a problem for them. See their tips in the text below.

Dissertation Introduction: How to Write It?

Write dissertation introduction


Every dissertation has its beginning. The first chapter of a dissertation or thesis is the introduction. It shows up next to the table of contents and has one simple goal. With the intro, you should draw your potential readers in the research as strong as possible. In this part, it is critical to write about a purpose, direction, and focus of your research.

How to Write a Traveling Essay?

Writing traveling essay


 Usually, the inspiration for a traveling essay happens after the trip, but what to do if you need to write it right now and you do not have time to harvest material for a paper? In this article, the professional writers from will show you how to bring the reader along on the journey, describe little-known facts about the country and infuse the traveling essay with culture and a sense of place.

How to Write a Leadership Essay?

Leadership essay


When it comes to essay writing, almost everyone knows the procedure: research, basic structure writing, editing. But what about leadership essay? What should you include? How to start? Do you need an outline? Is it a different kind of paper? The biggest obstacles that students face up during leadership essay writing are the lack of achievements, unclear structure of the paper, and the blurry description of the skills they have.

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